Since March 2016, Sühring showcases the best of modern German fare inspired by childhood memories and family recipes. All elevated to the level of haute cuisine and combining the essence of traditional dishes with contemporary Central European influences. Thomas & Mathias Sühring now invite their guests to their home, offering a warm hospitality in a relaxed, soothing, and elegant environment. All drinks follow the same philosophy as the twins’ cuisine.


Sühring offers four dining ambiances where innovative food and personalized service are of equal importance. The cozy “Dining Room”, which is the main dining area, provides a relaxed and homely eating experience. The more dynamic “Kitchen” is a very unique place. There you can discover the bustling heart of the kitchen together with your friends, colleagues or family, enjoying a direct view of the twin chefs and their team crafting your culinary journey. The “Glass House” which provides a peaceful and natural atmosphere with a beautiful garden view will take you to the most romantic dinner. If you wish to dine privately, the “Living Room” also accommodates up to 8 persons in the upper floor.